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Why Do You Practice?

By Shirly Oh | October 31st, 2017

BODY : ‘I tried, I can’t do it.’
MIND : ‘Do it again but do something different.’

This is a frequent inner dialogue that I have during the practice.

Many moons back I tried the ‘X’ posture. I simply could not find enough flexibility and strength to get into the posture. I gave up trying. Fast forward to today and it’s now the new routine in my current practice. I still get chills when confronted with the posture but in order to progress I need to overcome this daunting pose.

BODY and MIND : ‘Why do I put myself through this (practice)?’

All seemingly familiar over the years and ironically the one question I may not have the answer to. Conversely, I know staying stagnant (will drive me bananas) is not an option! I would rather look back at my practice (and life) and be glad that I tried rather than wondering ‘what if I had.’

Practice is much like life. Some poses (things, people) are easy and some are harder. Some are challenging while some seem impossible. Practice enough though and the impossible may become do-able one day.

There were many times when I would fall into self-doubt wondering if it’s possible to do ‘X, Y, Z’ poses. But I just kept going. “Maybe not today but some day it will happen.”

When we continuously focus our effort (consistently and diligently) on changing and improving ourselves, eventually we will (through practice) condition our mind and body to change.

What we can do each day varies slightly – be OK with this too. Remembering that each practice holds an opportunity for us to drop the undesirable patterns and habits.

Our teacher often reminds us that it is our intentions that truly matter at the end of the day.

“Why do you practice? Why do you show up?”

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