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When Change Is Necessary To Progress

By Shirly Oh | August 7th, 2017

Many times we are caught up with habitual patterns that change is the last thing we desire. Change is uncomfortable, daunting, unfamiliar and scary. But sometimes change is necessary and can be rewarding.

Recently I went to the dentist and had to learn a new way of brushing my teeth. Apparently the current brushing had been ineffective and more damage will be done if I continued the same method. I was clumsy and had to condition my head around the new routine. It was hard but the change was quick because I was determined to stop the ‘damage’.10changequotes

When the pros outweigh the cons we are more likely to change and adapt. But sometimes the results may not always be instant and obvious. It took me many years of practice to appreciate the benefits of Primary Series. After a week of intense Intermediate Series and deep backbends, the therapeutic effects of the Primary Series (a.k.a. Yoga Cikitsā [Therapy]) kicks in.

On the other hand, sometimes we want change so badly that we don’t listen or pay attention and we keep repeating the same mistake that is blocking us from moving forward. Often we see students get so stuck in a certain way of practicing that they become resistance to change. The ‘comfort’ and ‘familiarity’ set in, even small changes seem hard to comprehend. We can get so caught up with the end results that we overlook the importance of the adaptability along the way.

Making any progress (not just yoga practice) requires time, effort and focus. It is not what you do once in awhile, it is the daily practice, consistency and commitment that brings you closer to your desired outcome. And sometimes change requires you to change your mind and actions intentionally. Don’t get stuck in the same way of doing things (in the practice as well) when you are expecting a different outcome.


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