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Urban Ashtangis – Real People . Real Inspiration : Joleyn Lee

By Satya Yoga | September 3rd, 2017

“Oh not for me, yoga is so slow and it’s for the elderly.”

We first met Joleyn not as a yoga student but rather as a regular passerby during our private yoga sessions with her mum, aunties and her elder sis, Corrine Lee (whom we featured HERE) in their house. Observing a bunch of matured bodies having their yoga session, this young and active lady had no intention to fit herself amongst them.

Occasionally Corrine would nudge her little sister to try but her main concern was – “I couldn’t even touch my toes!” After a year of being a passerby and through Corrine’s experience with the dynamic practice, Joleyn decided to step into the class when we started the Ashtanga Mysore Program in a studio. With her gung-ho attitude, Joleyn was receptive to the challenges regardless of the fears that she had. Being able to laugh at her every fall and blunder definitely added a fun element in the whole learning experience!


1) What was your impression of a yoga class prior to taking the first lesson?

My impression of a yoga class was slow, boring and was only for flexible people. Definitely not an activity that I would even have considered doing.

2) How long have you been practicing the Ashtanga method and how regular do you practice in a week?

I have been committed to a consistent practice at least once a week for the past 3 years.

3) You are attending regular Muay Thai classes as well. Do you see any change in your Muay Thai practice before you started yoga and now?

Yes practicing yoga does help in some ways. Being a little more flexible in general gives me an advantage with some techniques in Muay Thai. The more obvious is probably being able to reach higher in kicks.


4) Ashtanga method often has a bad name for being too challenging and risky. Do you agree? At which point of the practice makes you think so?

I was not aware of it having a bad name though. To me, the point where I would probably find the practice risky is if the teacher is trying to ‘pull my arms off or tear my hamstring’.

But honestly quite a handful of poses are challenging for me considering that I’m not as flexible as I hope for. But the practice environment would not feel risky or uncomfortable with a good teacher that I am familiar with. It is more of how much effort we want to put in when working with a challenging pose – to get it right or better in the pose.

5) What is the main reason you want to continue the practice?

At this current stage of my practice I feel it is a good workout. I’m enjoying the process of learning new poses and trying to understand and to get better with the other poses as well. Not to mention that I am finally able to touch my toes quite easily now!

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