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Urban Ashtangis – Real People . Real Inspiration : Ch’ng Yah Ting

By Satya Yoga | May 3rd, 2017

When we first learned that Yahting makes a daily trip via the causeway to do her daily practice, we were truly impressed and amazed with her effort and perseverance. We know how challenging it is to have a regular practice, let alone show up at the shala (almost daily) at 630am.

Her bubbly personality and contagious laughter really shine through her practice! Yahting is a great inspiration for anyone who struggles with showing up for a (daily) practice.

1. Please share with us how you got started with Ashtanga Yoga?

I was practising with Pure Yoga for 2 years and was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga by one of the instructors there (thanks to him). From then, I tried to explore all the yoga centres that provides Ashtanga Yoga and the right schedule time as the centre I went to had a very odd timing for this class which is impossible for me to practice. They did not have Mysore class back then and only had 2 – 3 classes per week. I was ecstatic when I found The Yoga Shala Singapore in September 2016, which is the centre practising the Ashtanga Yoga method only. Since then, I have tried to discipline myself to practice every day.

2. We know that you commute daily across the causeway to practice at the shala! What keeps you motivated and have you had days that you feel ‘lazy?’

I thought since I’m already commuting daily to work across the causeway, why not wake up an hour earlier so that I can practice before going to work. I do feel lazy some days but I will still drag myself to practice as I realised that is the least I expect from my practice, the deeper I can reach for the pose. If you don’t see me in the shala that day, most probably I have to start work early or I am not feeling well.


3. What is the biggest change you have noticed since you started the practice?

I can’t say that I have noticed a lot of changes with my body since then but one thing I realised is that I don’t get distracted by my surrounding so often anymore which used to be really hard for me. I have also slowly switched my diet to help in my daily practice. I don’t see problem as problem anymore and appreciate every day especially with my family.

4. ‘Ashtanga Yoga is hard and difficult!’ – Do you agree? Share your thoughts on this!

Ashtanga Yoga is challenging. There is no doubt about it. Not only it challenges you physically, it also challenges your mind to stay focus. If you have someone who claims that Ashtanga Yoga is easy, kindly introduce them to me. Maybe I haven’t been practising it the right way.

5. If you can only choose to do 1 posture – Headstand or Backbend? Why?

Backbend. I have a hate-love relationship with this pose. I really hate backbend throughout the years in my practice as I always thought that I am not flexible enough and I have to do it every day (except Fridays). But when I can drop back for the first, the feeling was really indescribable and I am starting to look forward to this pose every day during the practice.


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