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The Way We Do Anything Is The Way We Do Everything

By Shirly Oh | April 2nd, 2017

Have you ever been to a group meeting / gathering where everyone shows up but not all are present? It is becoming a common sight these days where people are constantly engaged on the phone (on social media or playing games). Their body is there but not the mind.

Practice is the same. The physical body is there and the mind has to be present. And it takes effort to practice. When you hit the same daily roadblock during the practice, what do you do? If you counter it with the same thinking or doing, you are discrediting yourself.

You get discomfort, you feel pain, you feel fear, anger, frustration, anxiety etc.. what do you do? Get used to these emotions and do it anyway! The way to conquer anything is to work through it and not walk around it.

We learn and grow when faced with our deepest and most intense emotions. If we constantly settle with the same outcome, the outcome remains the same. Nothing changes.

Falling off from a headstand may be scary but nothing is as horrifying as feeling the same emotion day after day. And guess what, not being able to do a headstand doesn’t make you a bad yogi. It simply means you have to work harder.

Showing up is just the beginning, you will need to put in the effort to create the change you want. What do you want?


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