Satya Yoga

True to Oneself

Adeline Lum

Adeline is qualified under RYT500 Hr Advanced Diploma Yoga Teacher Training Program since 2009. Her practice steered towards the method of Ashtanga Yoga, making frequent trips to Mysore, India to study with R. Sharath Jois at KPJAYI.

She enjoys the personal touch with each student. With her jovial personality, her classes are often filled with laughter.

She believes yoga practice is for everyone, and anyone who are willing to put in that effort for themselves.

“ Yoga is a journey. I am grateful to be able to guide and be guided along in this path. Continuous learning enables me to share the accumulation of knowledge from my experiences with the community. “

Adeline is currently practicing with and assisting James Figueira ( The Yoga Shala) in Singapore.


Shirly Oh

Shirly has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2009 and has made several trips to practice at KPJAYI Mysore, India.

A major part of her teaching stems from her experience with Prem and Radha of the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Centre attending their Teacher Immersion programme.

Under their intense guidance her practice took a radical shift and since then her primary focus has been on the tristhana methodbreath, asana, and dristhi (gazing point).

‘Ashtanga Yoga is a transformative practice and anyone can take on the practice as long as they are willing to show up and put in the effort.’

Shirly continues to refine and deepen her practice with James Figueira at The Yoga Shala in Singapore.