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Don’t Impress Me With Your Asanas

By Shirly Oh | February 5th, 2017

“Don’t impress me with your asana (practice). Show me how you treat others. Let me be impressed by your kindness and how you treat others.” ~ Sharath Jois

The qualities of a good yogi are not dependent on the asanas or series he or she is able to display or post on social media. Similarly, someone who is practicing the half primary series can be a good and responsible individual who cares deeply for his or her loved ones.

Yoga is a method, a tool to help us be a better person. Sharath mentioned that if after many years of practice and the mind is still not stable, the practice is wrong.

Often we can get so caught up with asana and series chasing that we forget the other important limbs of yoga – yamas (self constraints) and niyamas (moral observance).



This is not to say asana practice is not important. In fact, the way we practice defines our inner thoughts and behaviors. Can you laugh at yourself when you fall out from a pose or do you get irritated with your fellow practitioner who is struggling with his or her practice for distracting you?

When we conduct ourselves in a honorable way (especially when nobody is watching) it reveals the essence of our yoga practice. Is it just for aesthetics or for true transformation?


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