Satya Yoga

True to Oneself

Satya Yoga specializes in Ashtanga Yoga (Mysore and LED class)


The primary series, Yoga Chikitsa (also known as yoga therapy), helps in purifying the body system – by creating internal heat that tones the internal organs and muscles. It helps to improve overall circulation, create lightness in the body and at the same time it helps to cultivate a calm and focus mind.

Class Description

During the session, you will learn the full series progressively – including sun salutations, standing and seated sequences, as well as inversions. You will also learn the correct breathing method and increase your awareness through focusing on the various gazing points (dristhi). Most importantly you will be guided with proper alignment in each posture through the teacher’s adjustments.

We offer the following classes and sessions:

Open group class: Ashtanga (Mysore style)

      $280 for 10 Session Commitment.
      $35 per drop-in session.
      Email us to schedule you in.

      $260 for 10 Session Commitment.
      $42 per drop-in session.
      Email us to schedule you in.

All sessions are valid for 3 months only and any unused sessions will be forfeited.
Email us to schedule you in.

Corporate, Events & Workshops

We also provide yoga classes for corporate settings where the class contents can be tailored to target specific concerns — chair yoga, partner yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques. We are available to extend our teachings for one time or ad hoc events and workshops.

$180 and above per 60 minutes for one time corporate event/workshop or minimum 10 sessions for on-going classes.
Email us for more information and arrangements.