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Ashtanga Makes My Blood Boil!

By Adeline Lum | February 3rd, 2017

In the Ashtanga method, to get heated up and sweating is a very important process. However, external heat (pre-heated room) is strongly discouraged, unless in winter.

This practice requires us to generate internal body heat through our own efforts. With proper breathing and movement one can already start sweating by doing Surya Namaskar B.

<< Every drop of sweat you generate with internal heat is very precious. It is your own effort. >> ~ Sharath-ji

That’s the beauty of this system. It teaches us to be honest and diligent before we can enjoy the sweetness and benefits of our efforts.

In the city life, stressful people come into yoga with the hope of finding some peace in their hectic life. We want everything to be fast & quick but we are not ready to invest time in a regular practice.

We sign up for spiritual crash courses, weekend retreats, healing programs and detox sessions as catalyst to gain health & peace. This will not work for sure.

We should never skip the process of consistent efforts (which may seem too long) if we really want to develop spiritually.

Asteya: non- stealing.

<< 2 hours asana practice on mat, 24 hours doing yoga in life. >>

Asteya is one of the virtues in the Ashtanga method we should observe while functioning in this fast-pace society.  

While on the mat we can see and understand that no matter how much effort we make, we cannot steal, take or buy the benefits from other practitioners.

We cannot buy spirituality in kilograms;
We cannot purchase peace in packets.

With the same mindfulness and self- consciousness off the mat (and out to the world), we should also maintain the same practice. For to be in great success of ourselves, the sweetness sweat is enjoyable only through our own efforts.


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